Shah Sheth handles wrongful termination and retaliation cases frequently and understands the duress that occurs when an employee is terminated. While the initial reaction is to feel the termination was unfair, California is an “at-will” employment state meaning that unless stated with a specific duration any employment is considered at will. Employers can let employees go for any reason or no reason at all just like employees can leave for any or no reason from their employers.

There are, however, certain exceptions to at-will employment rules which include:

– Discrimination on the part of the employer
– Harassment on the part of the employer
– Fraud or misrepresentation
– Violations of employment contracts
– Retaliatory termination

In California the fairness of the termination is not a valid claim for wrongful termination, instead it must be legally proved that the employer acted in a discriminatory or harassing manner that is in violation of employee rights.

The same protections also extend to employees that are terminated to due to filing claims of discrimination & harassment.

Shah Sheth will fully examine each situation on an individual basis, examining the policies and procedures of the workplace, performance and years worked by the employee, and other relevant information to the case.

You will receive an honest assessment of the situation based upon legal expertise and established statutes in the State of California for employment law. If you believe you have been denied basic rights and protections within your workplace, contact us for a case evaluation.


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