The law offices of Shah Sheth handles cases relating to unpaid wage claims, meal and break period violations, wrongful termination/retaliation, harassment, and discrimination regularly, representing both the employee plaintiffs and the employer defense.

While seemingly simple to understand, wage and hour complaints and lawsuits are very common in the modern workplace as California laws regarding wages are very specific and employers often fail to understand their implementation. Furthermore, litigation such as harassment and discrimination can be particularly damaging to a company in terms of public image and the distraction of leadership from the core guidance of the company.

Shah Sheth also provides counseling for employers in order to stay current with regulations and laws in order to avoid violations from the State of California and litigation from current and former employees. When you consider many of the violations from the State Labor Board are ongoing and applicable to all employees, it makes sense to have a full understanding from the beginning to avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

Shah Sheth seeks to assist employers struggling with creating a clear and comprehensive regime in order to strengthen the employer-employee relationship and create a more productive workplace. While being proactive and dealing with employment issues on an ongoing basis with quality legal guidance can alleviate a majority of issues, it is the unfortunate reality of the modern workforce that litigation is nearly inevitable.

Should litigation occur, Shah Sheth has the experience on both sides of employment litigation to defend your company’s reputation in a court of law and understands California labor law thoroughly with regards to all aspects of employment law.


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